I’ve been drawing for most of my life, but only started showing my work several years ago. Since that time there have been gallery shows, group exhibitions, and commissions from private and corporate clients. My work is in private collections in both the US, UK and Europe. Lucky Strike, from the Habit of Noticing collection of prints was recently purchased for the permanent collection of the Library of Congress.

I’ve released 16 albums over 35 years, toured extensively across North America and Europe, written music for TV, film, contemporary dance and symphony. The Habit of Noticing: Using Creativity to Make a Life (and a Living), was published in 2018 on Irie Books. Western Skies (2022), which encompasses an album, and a book of Polaroid images, lyrics and essays, was released in 2022.

Gallery Exhibitions and installations:

• 2018 – The Habit of Noticing – Bale Creek Allen Gallery, Austin, TX; Solo Exhibition

• 2019 – What I See When I See You; Installation, Permanent Collection of Facebook

• 2020 – Flatbed Redux – Flatbed Gallery, Austin, TX; Group Exhibition
           – Drawings - Mark Smith Gallery, Johnson City, TX; Solo Exhibition

• 2022 – Western Skies Lithographs - Redbud Gallery, Houston, TX
           – Lucky Strike purchased by The Library of Congress